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These are the newest workouts in our database. Or you can choose a category that best suits the workout you are looking for (above).

5 Kettlebell Shoulder Workouts For Building Strength

5 Kettlebell Shoulder Workouts For Building Strength

The kettlebell may not seem like much of a gym tool, but don’t let the funny shape fool you. Unlike traditional weights, kettlebells allow you to perform longer, more dynamic repetitions of certain exercises. This can lead to strength gains and more endurance....

Highly Effective Leg Workouts With Dumbbells

Highly Effective Leg Workouts With Dumbbells

You can do a huge number of highly-effective leg workouts with nothing more than a set of dumbbells. Following a comprehensive set of leg workouts with dumbbells can have big potential benefits for your total body strength. That’s because the unique coordination and...

A List Of The Best Leg Workouts For Women

A List Of The Best Leg Workouts For Women

Regular leg exercises do more than provide a firm backside. They promote total body health by engaging a wide range of muscles in your legs, core, and back. Keeping these muscles fit can help support flexibility and strength and burn calories. That’s why Tony Horton...

Working Out Before Bed: Here’s The Pros And Cons

Working Out Before Bed: Here’s The Pros And Cons

Finding that perfect time to work out can seem as elusive as perfect abs. For many people with busy schedules, nighttime workouts are the only possible way to sneak in some exercise. But won’t working out before bed disrupt sleep? Not necessarily. Working out before...

Beginner Workouts: How Long Should A Workout Be?

Beginner Workouts: How Long Should A Workout Be?

Timing a workout can be tricky for anyone. You want to achieve optimal results without putting yourself at risk of injury. So, how long should a workout be? That answer depends on many factors, including your body, your health, and your doctor’s recommendations. Read...

The Ultimate Workout Routine For Men

The Ultimate Workout Routine For Men

If you’re just starting out with fitness, the gym might seem intimidating. But, there’s nothing to fear in the gym — especially if you have a solid set of instructions to guide you. That’s why Tony Horton has compiled a comprehensive workout routine for men. It has a...


The most popular workouts in our database. You can also find top workouts by choosing a category that best suits the workout you are looking for (above).

The Ultimate Workout Routine For Men

The Ultimate Workout Routine For Men

If you’re just starting out with fitness, the gym might seem intimidating. But, there’s nothing to fear in the gym — especially if you have a solid set of instructions to guide you. That’s why Tony Horton has compiled a comprehensive workout routine for men. It has a...

The Ultimate Workout Routine For Women

The Ultimate Workout Routine For Women

Strength training does so much more than build muscles. Top trainers like Tony Horton consider it crucial for total body fitness. This ultimate workout routine for women will help you tap into some of these great results. Learn why those barbells aren’t just for guys...

Core Workouts For Men: Get The Perfect Abs

Core Workouts For Men: Get The Perfect Abs

Lots of guys at the gym seek the almighty fitness holy grail - a perfect six-pack. Yet, their ab goals often lack a comprehensive core strengthening strategy. To properly chisel those abs, you need to target all the major core muscles. This means doing a variety of...

Upper Body Workout For Runners

Upper Body Workout For Runners

As a runner, you probably spend a lot of time, well, running. The number one way to become a better runner is to keep pushing yourself on the pavement. However, an upper body workout for runners – strength training – is also key for improved performance. Let’s take a...

The Ultimate Guide On Workout Routines For Strength, Fitness And Growth

The world of fitness is continually evolving, with a seemingly constant stream of new workout routines, dietary supplements, and strength training options. That’s why Tony Horton has compiled a comprehensive, one-stop destination for all your workout questions and needs.

This is a great resource for beginners and pros alike. You can learn new workouts or refine existing skills. Each section is designed with your fitness and health in mind. Check out all the amazing resources below to find your ideal workout.

Workouts FAQs

What Are The Full Body Exercises That I Can Do At My Residence?

No time for the gym? No problem. You can do a full body workout at home. There are a number of body weight exercises that require nothing but some space in your living room. They may help support mobility, endurance, and strength — all from the comfort of your home.

Can You Do Full Body Workout Everyday?

There are a wide variety of full body workout routines perfect for your everyday fitness. Each of these routines target different areas of the body, so you don’t overexert one muscle group. This diversity can make them a great option if you want to exercise daily. Learn about different target areas, and how to get the most out of your full body workout every week. 

What Are Some Of The Easiest At-Home Workouts For Everyone?

Sometimes, you’re just too busy to do a full workout at the gym. Fortunately, there are a number of easy exercises to do at home. You can get your blood flowing with some light cardio and even build musices with a few basic pieces of equipment, like resistance bands. Find a few workouts that you can easily integrate into your life to maintain a steady exercise schedule.  

How Long Should A Man Workout In A Week?

No two people are the same. Body type, age, and fitness goals all factor into your personal workout routine. But, there are still some baseline targets to help men with their fitness goals. A solid workout routine for men can help lots of guys get started. This plan can easily be updated and modified for your own personal use.

Beginner’s Guide On Workout Plan For Women

Great results don’t usually happen without a great plan. Exercise is no exception. A solid exercise plan can guide any woman’s new workout journey. This beginner’s workout routine for women allows you to set reasonable goals to help keep you motivated and successful. It has a diverse set of exercises that make it ideal for just about anyone’s new fitness journey. 

Is It Good To Do Small Workouts?

You don’t need to bust out sweat bands and a gym towel everyday to stay in shape. Even short bursts of exercise may help you with your fitness goals. Try a few mini workouts throughout the day to help keep the blood flowing and the muscles warm. These are great to do anytime you have a few free moments. So, take advantage of those daytime breaks with a few mini exercises. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Doing Exercises

There’s nothing mindless about working out your body. Proper fitness requires consideration and planning. A solid exercise routine takes into account things like frequency, duration, activity type, and location. That’s why a solid list of workout tips can be so helpful when developing a personal fitness plan.

How Can Beginners Start Their Workout?

Don’t let inexperience discourage you from taking care of your health. With the right preparation and attitude, you can go from a beginner to a seasoned pro in no time. Take advantage of these fitness tips for beginners to start your fitness adventure today. 

How Do Beginners Get Their Abs?

Abs don’t happen by accident. They require a consistent and targeted workout regimen. That’s because abs are a complex muscle group that need more than endless sit-ups to develop. Use a comprehensive list of beginner ab workouts to get you closer to that chiseled core. 

How Can A Woman Keep Herself Fit And Healthy?

Women of all ages can benefit from consistent exercise. It’s great for overall health and can help support strength, balance, and flexibility. This is important, because it can help you stay resilient against mishaps that could lead to injury. Check out some great fitness tips for women to help you get (and stay) strong and healthy for years to come.

How Do I Shape My Upper Body?

Keep that upper body strong and defined with some solid upper body workouts. These exercises target key areas of the torso for optimal gains. You’ll be looking your best and enjoying the health benefits of a strong upper body in no time.

How Can You Build A Body With Dumbbells?

Dumbbells can be used for more than bicep curls in the gym. The many different sizes allow you to hone a variety of muscles. This upper body dumbbell workout will show you all the ways to use these weights for your upper body strength.

And What About Chest Muscles?

Your chest muscles are a nuanced set of muscles. They consist of three distinct sections that each require a targeted regimen for proper muscle growth. This diverse set of upper chest exercises will ensure you engage all three groups for excellent results. 

How Do Runners Build Their Body?

Lots of runners jog right by the gym and all those weights. But, upper body strength can actually be good for runners. A strong upper body may help prevent injuries and improve your technique. A great way to achieve that is with a good upper body workout for runners. These weight training exercises can help you support your running strength and speed.

What Are Some Effective Lower Body Exercises for Beginners?

Don’t let your legs be the forgotten heroes of the gym. The bottom half of your body is crucial for stability and lifting weight. That’s why you want to give those limbs all the attention they deserve. Incorporate a few of the best leg workouts into your next gym day. These will help you hone muscles to help support your total body strength. 

Exercises To Gain Weight In Your Legs

Bulking up certain parts of your body can feel tricky. Your legs never seem to want to grow as fast as your arms. But, you can grow bigger leg muscles with the right training. Tony Horton has some recommendations on how to get bigger thighs with these choice exercises. They’ll have your legs flourishing right alongside those biceps. 

How Can You Build Your Glutes?

You may not see your glutes in the mirror, but those muscles do a tremendous amount of work. They help strengthen your lower back and core to keep your upper body workouts stable and safe. Leg press for glutes is one of the best exercises to help grow and build these muscles. Give it a try to help support your upper body in the gym.

What Is The Best High Intensity Interval Training?

There are many effective and challenging high intensity workouts that can help promote strength and endurance. One in particular, Tabata, challenges your whole body for short, intense bursts. This can work wonders for your muscle stamina and endurance. Give this full body tabata workout a try to see what this high intensity workout can do for you.

Which Workout Is Best For Your Back?

Your back works out all day, even when you sit at the desk. So, don’t exert it even more when it’s time to workout your core. One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary back strain is with the dead bug exercise. The prone position allows you to work the inner core and back muscles with little to no strain. Follow along closely to fortify your back without aggravating it.

How Are Obliques Helpful For Your Body?

Your obliques are the largest muscle group in your core. They extend along your sides to link your lower and upper body. Keeping them strong and fit can help support your whole core and protect your back. Regular oblique exercises can keep your body tuned up for any exercise or daily activity that requires bending or twisting.

Is A Home Gym Worth A Try?

You don’t need a gym for a great workout. Nor do you need to drop a fortune on fancy equipment for a solid workout. There’s all sorts of easy-to-use and affordable equipment that you can use to make a home gym. With the right setup, you can get all the cardio and strength training you need. Learn how to set up a home gym that suits your fitness goals and budget. 

What Do You Need For A Home Gym?

If you’re not sure what you want in your home gym, then check out this info on how to use gym equipment for beginners. You’ll learn about proper equipment usage and how it may help benefit your fitness goals at home.  

Do Resistance Bands Actually Work?

If you grab hold of a resistance band and wonder if working out with it really works, you’re not alone. Lots of people are just discovering its many uses. Fortunately, with some simple instructions, a resistance band can become an integral part of your training. Follow along for some great tips on how to use resistance bands

Can You Build Muscles With A Ball?

It may not seem like a serious muscle-building tool, but a medicine ball can give you an intense workout. Its shape makes it a versatile tool that can be lifted, thrown, caught, and held in various poses. And, the different weights allow you to incrementally challenge yourself. Use a medicine ball full body workout to see what this great gym weight can do for you. 

Tips To Maintain Safety In Physical Activity

Unfortunately, injuries happen during exercise. Some of these injuries, though, may be avoided with proper prevention planning. Stretching, warm up, and hydration are all great first steps toward protecting yourself during exercise. But there’s even more you can do. Show up to your next workout prepared with these handy ways to prevent injury when working out.

Which Exercises Are Useful For Bigger Arms?

To increase your overall arm strength, you’ll need to engage all the muscles of your arm. This includes the often overlooked triceps. These muscles are on the back side of your arm, and they influence your total arm strength. That’s why the right tricep workouts can have a huge impact on your total arm strength.

How To Increase Flexibility In Your Body

Stretching plays a key role in your body’s flexibility. It supports blood flow to the muscles and may help prevent injury. There are a wide variety of stretching styles and practices that can keep you loose and fit. Find a whole body stretching routine that works for you and your health goals.

Which Exercises Can Help You Build Strong Muscles?

You may be tempted to focus on one muscle group per day at the gym. However, grouping muscles together that perform similar functions can be an effective way to develop strength. Your back and biceps are a great example of this muscular teamwork. These are two very distinct muscles, yet they work together whenever you pull on weights. That’s why a joint back and biceps workout can help maximize your time at the gym and support muscle growth.

What Are Some Good Exercises For Shoulders?

You don’t need to workout in the gym to get sore shoulders. People experience fatigue and tightness in their shoulders simply from sitting at the computer all day. Fortunately, there are some simple shoulder stretches that may help ease discomfort. These can be done anywhere and anytime of the day.

What Can You Do For Your Weak Shoulders?

You can take your shoulder care one step further with some strengthening exercises. Strong shoulders can make lifting and carrying objects easier. Plus, when you build shoulder strength, it may make you less susceptible to injury. Learn how to strengthen shoulders for a more athletic, stable back and shoulder area.

An Interesting Fitness Debate To Consider

There’s lots of information swirling around the fitness world about the “best” workout. One common debate centers around circuit training vs hiit. These two fitness strategies each come with their own advantages. And, it could be said that they are both effective training methods. However, the “best” one probably depends on your personal fitness goals. Learn about both to see which fitness regimen works for you.

Stress-Relief Solutions For New Bicycle Riders

If you want to learn about how to get into cycling, then this is the pit stop for you. Cycling can be a great way to enjoy aerobic exercise outside in the fresh air. But, a helmet isn’t the only thing you need to keep you safe out on the pavement or the trails. Review important guidelines and safety tips to stay safe in the saddle.

How Can You Stay Fit While Having Entertainment?

Relaxing in front of the TV doesn’t need to leave you feeling like a guilty couch potato. There are plenty of exercises to do while watching TV. Squeeze a few of these workouts in during your next Netflix binge session. This way, you can get the satisfaction of relaxing with the added bonus of a few burned calories.

Can You Do Workouts While Working?

Your desk can play host to a surprising number of workouts. Take advantage of some free moments at work with these exercises to do at your desk. A few bite-size fitness rounds can do a lot to stave off sedentary problems like weight gain and poor posture. You probably won’t be ready for the Olympics after, but it can be a great way to keep your body fresh and alert.